Featured Staff

Meet our Lifeguards



How long have you been a Lifeguard?

I have been a Lifeguard for almost 2 years

What qualities make you a good Lifeguard?

I am responsible and observant.

What is something you enjoy about Lifeguarding?

Talking to and getting to know some of the patrons.

What is your favorite season to be a Lifeguard? Why?

My favorite season to guard is the summer, because of the warm weather and the amount of people that come to the pool.

Meet our Water Safety Instructors



How long have you been teaching lessons?

I have been teaching and aiding with swim lessons for over 3 years, but I just recently got WSI certified to lead my own lessons independently.

Why did you want to become a WSI?

I wanted to become a WSI because I believe that being safe in and around the water is extremely important, especially considering where we live, and I love sharing my passion for water with others.

What do you like about teaching lessons?

I love lessons because I get to interact with others and help them feel safe.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

My most memorable moment teaching was when I was teaching a young child how to back float, they finally got it and were able to float independently. After they saw that they were capable of doing it on their own, they got very excited and wanted to show everyone and practice the skill on their own.