Featured Staff

Meet our Lifeguards



How long have you been a Lifeguard?

I have been a Lifeguard for 2 years.

What qualities make you a good Lifeguard?

I hold the organizational, communication, and attentive skills that make me a good lifeguard as I am always prepared for any kind of emergency. 

What is something you enjoy about Lifeguarding?

Something I enjoy about lifeguarding is making sure that my community is safe and having fun while also working along side my friends and teammates.

What is your favorite season to be a Lifeguard? Why?

My favorite season to guard is the summer because of the warm weather and business of the pool. 

Meet our Water Safety Instructors



How long have you been teaching lessons?

I have been teaching lessons for about 3 years: 2 uncertified, 1 as a Water Safety Instructor. 

Why did you want to become a WSI?

I wanted to become a WSI because I saw how much of an impact that our program had on the people of our community. I wanted to be able to give better, more effective lessons than I had been giving before. 

What do you like about teaching lessons?

What I like about teaching lessons is the visible progress that the swimmers make and how that progress influences them and increases their confidence in the water.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

My most memorable moment teaching was when I was giving a lesson to an adult and she swam by herself for the first time; she was so overjoyed that she did it, and it made me very proud to see the way that learning that skill helped her to believe in herself.