Featured Staff

Meet our Lifeguards



How long have you been a Lifeguard?

A year and a half

What qualities make you a good Lifeguard?

Being vigilant and having a constant awareness for what's happening in water and on the deck at all times.

What is something you enjoy about Lifeguarding?

I enjoy being an active part of the community and keeping people safe.

What is your favorite season to be a Lifeguard? Why?

The summer because we get more people and it's warm.

Meet our Water Safety Instructors



How long have you been teaching lessons?

About two years

Why did you want to become a WSI?

I began as an assistant and fell in love with teaching folks to swim.

What do you like about teaching lessons?

Everything, there is something so special about sharing the joy of accomplishment with my students. Every high-five, hug, and smile make this the most rewarding work I have ever done.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

There are so many but I think the first time one of my adult students swam on her own wins. She came to us afraid of the water. About 3 to 4 lessons in she swam the length of the pool on her back. I kept asking her how she to to the end of the pool. She used every word she could think of except "swim". When I finally convinced her that she swam down there, we hollared and hugged. It was really special.