Changing Lives, One Swimmer at a Time


The Northside Splashpad just received the greenlight to open. It opens to the public on July 20. Can't wait to see you there!

NSEA Swim's COVID-19 Policy: In conjunction with the latest CDC Guidelines, NSEA Swim will no longer require all fully vaccinated individuals (defined as two-weeks out from final vaccination) to wear masks for aquatic activities. On an individual basis, vaccinated individuals with other health concerns including immunocompromise may still be best served by masking and may prefer to wear a mask. NSEA Swim does require that individuals who have not yet completed the vaccination process continue to wear masks in order to protect themselves and others from Covid-19.

Our Story

The NSEA Swim story began with a group of experienced coaches, talented swimmers, and dedicated parents. In the first chapter, we were simply a USA-Swimming-affiliated swim club. But we realized we could be so much more.

Wilmington, NC, is a peninsula bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Fear River. This proximity to water, the threat of coastal flooding, and rip-current risk should mean that all residents learn water safety. However, NSEA Swim realized that in the Northside neighborhood where our competitive swim team practices, water safety is not a priority. In fact, many local residents don't know how to swim—or worse, they fear the water.

This is when NSEA Swim started its narrative. The NSEA Swim Foundation set goals to promote water safety, improve health, decrease obesity, and prevent drowning. And, at the same time, we initiated our plan to increase multicultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity in the sport of swimming.

We partnered with the City of Wilmington and local groups like the Boys and Girls Club and Voyage to bring swim programming to underserved parts of the community. Our free swim programming at the Earl Jackson pool includes both children and adults. We teach swim skills and water confidence to eradicate water-related accidents. And in 2021, we will begin offering more services to the community: adult fitness, school intersession lessons, nutrition classes, lifeguard certification, and more.

Local businesses such as New Hanover Regional Medical Center/Novant Health and Live Oak Bank have committed financial support to help write the rest of our story. Like you, we can't wait to see what's in the next chapter for NSEA Swim!