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Meet our Lifeguards



How long have you been a Lifeguard?

I have been a Lifeguard since the summer of 2021.

What qualities make you a good Lifeguard?

Some qualities that help me be a great lifeguard are that I am observant, dedicated, social and productive. 

What is something you enjoy about Lifeguarding?

I love to Lifeguard because I get to meet everyone in the community and spend time outside. 

What is your favorite season to be a Lifeguard? Why?

My favorite season to Lifeguard is the summer because the pool is always busy, there's swim lessons everyday, and it's warm and sunny outside. 

Meet our Water Safety Instructors



How long have you been teaching lessons?

I have been teaching lessons for around three years.

Why did you want to become a WSI?

I wanted to become a WSI so I could teach the best lessons I could and help more people in the community. 

What do you like about teaching lessons?

I like teaching lessons because its so fun to work with kids and watching them finally learn a new skill or stroke is so rewarding. 

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

My most memorable moment was watching some kids I helped teach compete in their very first competitive swim meet. It was surreal to see how far they had come!